The Story Behind Jordan Munoz Tech

Born and raised in Ventura County, I am committed to serving my local community by providing reliable and professional tech support services. My interest in technology goes back to middle school- At the age of 12, I was gifted my first personal computer from a close family friend, and my fascination with technology began. I explored the components and operating system of the PC, and before long I was expanding my expertise, helping my teachers and family friends with their computer needs.

In 2011, I transformed my personal hobby into the beginnings of a career, by working for Make It Work in Santa Barbara. Here I evolved into a better technician by expanding my knowledge at a faster pace in both residential and business environments. In 2014, I developed my skillset in troubleshooting and customer support as a support technician with Instyle Technologies. This experience pushed me to start my own practice, Jordan Munoz Tech, where I could continue challenging myself and deepening my technical proficiency. Today I am happy to service customers across the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties. My ultimate goal is to create meaningful, lifelong friendships while providing top-tier technical support.